In San Lorenzo Dorsino in Trentino, the Sagra della Ciuiga is a gluttonous and folkloric event that celebrates the Slow food presidium masterpiece of ancient pork products: the Ciuiga del Banale.

The ciuìga comes from a peasant history of poverty and mountain survival, in the second half of the 1800s. Produced only in this village, it is in fact a masterpiece of pork butchery from ancient history and, as is often the case, a legacy of peasant wisdom that, to overcome poverty and scarcity of raw materials, recovers, adds and mixes “poor” raw materials, creating a unique and rare final taste. Composed of pork and turnips, the product from the 1800s to the present has evolved.

Offer includes:
– Dolomiti Paganella Guest Card
– billiard room, indoor bocce court
– mountain-bike rental
– private garden with playground
– playground for children
– private parking lot
– information kit of the resort
– trekking poles rental
– baby trekking backpack rental
– stroller rental
– ski room for ski storage